1 Atoms & Molecules


Orbitals and Bonding

1.1  Write electron configurations for a given element and predict the number of valence electrons present in an atom.

1.2  Describe the different types of chemical bonds (ionic, polar, and polar covalent) and the role of electronegativity in each type of bond.

Lewis Structures and Molecular Geometry

1.3  Draw Lewis structures for different molecules and find the formal charge on each atom in the molecule.

1.4  Use the VSEPR theory to predict molecular geometry and bond polarity.


1.5  Draw resonance structures when a molecule has more than one valid Lewis structure.

1.6  Predict the stability of different resonance structures as major or minor in regard to their contributions to the overall bonding character of the molecule.

Acids and Bases

1.7  Identify and write equations that illustrate the Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis acid-base behavior.

1.8  Perform calculations using the self-ionization constant or water and the acid and base ionization constants.

1.9  Perform calculations using pH, pOH, [H3O+], and [OH-].


  1. Orbitals and Bonding; Lewis Structures and Molecular Geometry

  2. Resonance

  3. Acids and Bases

Video Lessons

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Lesson 1:  Orbitals and Bonding

Lesson 2:  Lewis Structures and Formal Charge

Lesson 3:  Resonance
(Oops! I couldn't find this video so will go over Resonance in class. Sorry about the confusion.)

Lesson 4:  Acids and Bases

Atoms Links

MOC: Gen Chem Acids and Bases Good review of acid-base theories. More concise than your textbook! 
Writing Resonance Structures Good overview of how to predict resonance structures and move electrons. 
MOC: Introduction to Resonance  
MOC: Introduction to Resonance 2 (Curved Arrows)  
MOC: Evaluating Resonance (Rule of Least Charges)  
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