2 Alkanes


  1. Properties and Bonding (Hybridization)

  2. Reactivity (Combustion) and Functional Groups

  3. Chemical Structures

  4. Nomenclature of Alkanes

  5. Isomers and Conformations

Video Lessons

  1. Hybridization (coming soon)

  2. Nomenclature (in class, will post on here soon)

  3. Structural and Conformational Isomers

Alkanes Links

MOC: Isomers and Conformations Excellent (and amusing) comparison of isomers and conformations using cats. 
MOC: Wedge-Dash and Sawhorse Representing 3D chemical structures in 2D. 
MOC: Newman Projections This is my favorite. Very good comparison of different structures and conformations using Newman Projections. 
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