List of Reactions

Below you will find a list of all of the reactions covered in this course.  Remember that this is only a list, and that you will want to keep your own list of reactions that includes general information, reagents, functional groups, mechanisms, etc. The reactions are grouped by the starting functional group of the reaction.

Alkane Rxns

  1. Combustion

Alkene Rxns

  1. Hydrohalogenation (Addn of HX)
  2. Hydration (Acid Cat. Addn of Water)
  3. Radical Addn of HBr
  4. Ozonolysis
  5. Allylic Halogenation
  6. Diels-Alder Rxn: Cylcloaddition to Conjugated Dienes
  7. Oxymercuration
  8. Hydroboration
  9. Hydrogenation (via metal catalyst)
  10. Halogenation (Addn of X2)
  11. Conversion to Halohydrins
  12. Hydroxylation

Alkyne Rxns

  1. Acidity of Terminal Alkynes
  2. Hydrogenation
    1. Metal Catalyst
    2. Lindlar's Catalyst
    3. Metal Ammonia Reducation
  3. Hydrohalogenation (Addn of HX)
  4. Halogenation (Addn of X2)

Substitution and Elimination

Be familiar with the mechanisms and reaction conditions for the following:
  1. SN1
  2. SN2
  3. E1
  4. E2
Know when the reactions compete and be able to predict the products.

Recognize that some of the specific reactions listed here will occur via one of these mechanisms.

Alcohol Rxns

  1. Dehydration
  2. Conversion to Alkyl Halides (better leaving group)
    1. Rxn with HX
    2. Rxn with thionyl chloride
    3. Rxn with phosphorous tribromide
  3. Formation of Alkoxides
  4. Oxidation of Primary and Secondary Alcohols
    1. Chromic Acid Oxidation
    2. PCC

Alkyl Halide Rxns

  1. Dehydrohalogenation

Ether Rxns

  1. Williamson Ether Synthesis